Where in the world is Morgan? That’s one of the big questions that has been plaguing “Walking Dead” fans since the Season 5 premiere. The Season 1 character mysteriously appeared in the final moments of Season 5, episode 1, but viewers have not seen him since. With the midseason finale quickly approaching, many are wondering if Morgan (Lennie James) will reappear in episode 8.

For those unfamiliar with Morgan, he was the first human that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) encountered when he woke up from his coma in Season 1 of the hit AMC series. Morgan had saved the life of the lawman, who was disoriented and unaware of the zombie apocalypse plaguing the world since he was hospitalized. As he adjusted to his new life, Rick briefly stayed with Morgan and his young son, Duane (Adrian Kali Turner). The father and son taught Rick how to defend himself and parted ways after raiding the local police station for guns and ammunition. Rick wanted to leave the area and search for his family in Atlanta; however, Morgan couldn’t leave until he killed his "walker" wife.

Rick held onto a radio throughout Season 1 of “The Walking Dead” as a way for Morgan to get in touch if he decided to head to Atlanta. As seasons passed, viewers forgot about Morgan. However, he reappeared in Season 3, episode 12, “Clear.”

That episode found Rick, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) searching for weapons at Rick’s old police station. It was in town that the group ran into Morgan. But Morgan wasn’t the same man who Rick had met in Season 1. Time and loss had changed him. During the time that passed, Morgan had failed to kill his zombie wife. He explained that he had been too weak to pull the trigger -- and his son died. Duane had been approached by his reanimated mother, who attacked and bit him. Since then, Morgan had holed up in a building with guns, ammunition and booby traps to stop any walkers in the area.

Morgan had refused to return with Rick’s group, who were staying at the prison at the time. The character’s fate remained a mystery until the Season 5 premiere. Wearing a mask to cover his face, Morgan had been tracking man-made marks throughout the woods.

While the synopsis for the midseason finale doesn’t mention Morgan, fans are speculating that Lennie James will reprise the character in episode 8. The theory is that the second half of Season 5 will kick off a new story line and set of problems for Rick’s survivors. Since the AMC series is loosely following Robert Kirkman’s comics, Morgan’s reappearance would also coincide with some potential upcoming plot twists like the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

To further fuel speculation of Morgan’s return, “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick teased viewers that the midseason finale episode of the talk show would feature a mystery guest from “The Walking Dead.” Hardwick joked that the unnamed guest doesn’t mean that someone will be dying in episode 8; however, mystery guest appearances usually coincide with a surprising plot twist.

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