Will another “Walking Dead” character bite the dust in episode 6? Fans of the hit AMC series have some interesting (and deadly) theories after a sneak peek video of Daryl (Norman Reedus) holding a body aired during “The Talking Dead” on Sunday night.

“Walking Dead” viewers know that no one is safe in the zombie apocalypse. Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) became the first casualty of Season 5 when he was bit by a walker while on a run for food. But fans are speculating that another main character might die during episode 6, “Consumed.”

The speculation is based off of a clip from episode 6 featuring Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride). In the video, Daryl can be seen holding a body that is wrapped in a white sheet. He walks towards a fire in the middle of a courtyard and gently places the body on the flames. As he watches the body burn, Carol joins Daryl by the fire and says “thank you.”

The sneak peek doesn’t give any hints to who may have died, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from making their own guesses. In fact, the theories about the mysterious body spiked after Daryl’s Norman Reedus posted a screen shot from the clip on Instagram. The actor left no caption, but fans immediately began commenting.

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“I think it’s Noah,” wrote one of Reedus’ Instagram followers, referring to Tyler James Williams character who made his first appearance in episode 4 of this season.

Noah had been one of the people “rescued” by Dawn’s (Christine Woods) group at the Atlanta hospital. Like Beth, Noah was desperate to leave. However, Dawn had trapped him there by requiring him to “pay off his debt” before he could go out on his own. Beth and Noah had tried to escape in episode 4, but Noah was the only one that managed to succeed.

Could the body Daryl is holding belong to Noah? While it’s definitely possible that Daryl and Carol will run into him while they search for Beth, the body looks tiny compared to Noah’s tall frame.

Another Instagram user questioned if the body belonged to Beth. Since Daryl and Carol did chase after her it wouldn’t be a far-fetched theory. However it seems unlikely that the series would give that away in a sneak peek. On top of that, many fans are arguing that they always bury bodies of their loved ones, not burn them. But since Daryl and Carol could potentially be in the middle of Atlanta, burning may be the best option rather than to let the body rot or be devoured by walkers.

Other theories on the body include a child that reminded Carol of Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino). Since Carol has lost numerous children near and dear to her heart, she may have asked Daryl to dispose of the body in the best way possible for their surroundings.

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