There’s nothing like a little romance to take your mind off of a zombie apocalypse. Viewers of the hit AMC series “Walking Dead” have been so preoccupied encouraging a fling between fan favorites Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) that it seems as though they’ve almost forgotten that the world is still overrun by flesh-eating corpses.

As Season 5 of “Walking Dead” continues, the rooting for a Daryl/Carol relationship only grows louder -- especially after episode 6 concluded. In “Consumed,” viewers got to see their favorite walker-slaying survivors grow closer as they attempted to track down a kidnapped Beth (Emily Kinney). But ultimately, Carol was snatched away by the same people who have Beth hostage, setting up viewers for an action-packed episode 7.

According to McBride, though, if fans are anticipating a DarCar kiss in the near future on the show, they shouldn’t hold their breath. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McBride responded to the reactions she's received from shippers who saw Daryl and Carol’s innocent bed scene in episode 6.

“Yeah, even seeing the Daryl and Carol shippers making suggestions on where that little teaser was going when they first showed it. Some hopeful comments, but I’m afraid they may have been disappointed,” she revealed to EW.

And we weren’t the only one’s left heartbroken by her comments. Reedus’ mother, who also happens to be a major Carol/Daryl shipper, revealed just how much she wanted her son to end up with McBride’s character through an adorable text that Reedus shared on his Instagram account. (Click here to see Reedus’ exchange with his mother.)

Despite the romance lacking in Daryl and Carol friendship, it appears that the bow-totting fighter will be doing everything in his power to get both his ladies back from Grady Hospital.

When episode 6 concluded and Carol was being dragged into the van that hit her, Noah (Tyler James Williams) revealed it would take a lot of gun power and people to get his friends back.

“They have guns, people,” Noah shared his doubt.

“Yeah, so do we,” Daryl replied.

Potential Spoilers

So, will Daryl and the few members of the gang who stayed behind be able to retrieve their friends from the clutches of yet another “Walking Dead” villain? It was predicted that only one of the females would make it out of the hospital alive during the show's midseason finale, with the favor leaning in Carol’s direction. According to a Wet Paint article, Beth won’t survive episode 8 after she “makes a certain choice.”

Does that mean Beth will sacrifice herself for Carol? Or will she make the choice to meet her death when Daryl is forced to pick between the two women in a "Sophie’s Choice" predicament? According to spoilers, Beth will have the choice to leave, but in a moment of weakness, she'll fall to her demise.

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