The characters on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” prove week after week that the zombie apocalypse is no place for a baby. Still, that hasn’t stopped actress Alanna Masterson from revealing she’s having her first child in the midst of Season 6 production. 

The 27-year-old actress revealed the news on her Instagram account on Monday by posting a picture of herself holding her relatively pronounced baby bump. It appears she and her photographer boyfriend Brick Stowell were sitting on this secret for quite a while. In fact, E! Online notes that if one looks back at Masterson’s other Instagram pictures from the past couple months, she’s very clearly (and creatively) hiding her baby bump. Masterson used books, loose-fitting clothing, her hands and more to covertly hide her pregnancy until she was ready to share the news with the world. 

“Guess what…” the actress posted followed by a baby emoji and a tag for her boyfriend. Stowell confirmed the news on his Instagram account as well posting an image of himself and Masterson ready for the beach with her sporting her baby bump in a white bikini.

“Baby Season” the caption reads

It’s unclear how, if at all, Masterson’s pregnancy will affect her character on “The Walking Dead.” As fans know, she’s played survivor Tara Chambler on the hit AMC series since Season 4. Initially part of the Governor's (David Morrissey) second crew, she eventually joined Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group and currently resides at Alexandria. Perhaps the show will simply put objects in front of Tara during Season 6 now that she’s proved what a master she is at the craft of hiding a bump? But this isn't the first time that the show has had to deal with a pregnant actress. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in February, Sasha actress Sonequa Martin-Green revealed how the producers helped her hide her baby bump while still making her a key player in the story. 

"For the longest time, just the layers that I’m wearing would hide the whole thing," she said. "And my gun is really big, so that helps too."

It looks like viewers will just have to wait until Oct. 11 when “The Walking Dead” returns for its new season to see how AMC and the producers dealt with Masterson’s baby bump. Luckily, if the trailer below is any indication, a slightly pronounced stomach will be the least of the character’s worries when the show returns.