WARNING: Do NOT keep reading unless you are caught up on Season 6 of “The Walking Dead.”

Episode 5 of “The Walking Dead” was relatively calm compared to the rest of Season 6 so far, but the problems in Alexandria are only building. The safe haven is surrounded by walkers, supplies are running low and some crucial members of Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group are missing. But all of that was put to the side when Maggie (Lauren Cohan) revealed to Aaron (Ross Marquand) that she’s pregnant with Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) baby.

Although some savvy AMC viewers were able to figure out in the Season 6 premiere that Maggie was expecting, the news was a tiny bit of light in the otherwise sad mess that Alexandria is in. But what does this mean for Glenn?

To recap, Maggie was prepared to go beyond the walls to find her husband in episode 5. Glenn has been missing since episode 3, when he found himself in a grisly situation thanks to Nicholas (Michael Traynor). After being surrounded and trapped on top of a dumpster by a horde, Nicholas shot himself in the head. His body fell on top of Glenn, knocking him straight into the arms of the walkers. Although it appeared as if the walkers were ripping out his guts, fans have been speculating that it was Nicholas’ body on top of Glenn that the walkers were digging into.

Glenn’s fate was left up in the air, with showrunner Scott Gimple promising fans that they’d see the character return in some form or another. Two episodes later that still hasn’t happened. However, Maggie remained hopeful in episode 5 that the father of her child was still alive and would be coming home to her.

“Maggie is this person who will not give up, it’s innocent until proven otherwise, so as we see at the end of this episode, I’m taking [Glenn’s] name off that wall, as is Aaron,” Cohan explained to Variety of her character’s final scene.

Cohan added to Entertainment Weekly that Maggie has to live with the “uncertainty” of Glenn’s fate.

“She wouldn’t be Maggie if she just said, ‘Well, he’s not here so he must be dead,’” she continued. “But it’s painstaking. And I obviously can’t speak as Lauren, but I can speak as her, and it’s a refusal to let it be true.”

If Glenn doesn’t make it, it still sounds like Maggie will have plenty of help raising the baby. Marquand told Us Weekly that having children inside the walls of Alexandria will give the survivors something to fight for.

“We’re not just fighting for a bunch of adults right now,” he teased. “We have a newborn, we have kids, a new generation, and we have all these kids running round Alexandria that are without parents right now.”

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