Negan is absolutely terrifying. The “Walking Dead” antagonist might be the series’ most deranged and scariest bad guy yet. As fans of “The Walking Dead” already know, Negan tries to completely destroy Rick’s group by viciously beating to death one of his members.

In the comic books, Negan’s victim is Glenn but on the TV series the identity is being kept a big secret until Sunday’s Season 7 premiere. While  the AMC show has done a great job of capturing Negan’s dark side so far, there are still a number of absolutely terrifying scenes in Robert Kirkman’s comic books that really show how deranged the Savior leader really is.

Check them out below:

When Negan Makes Carl Cry: Carl is one of the tougher characters in Kirkman’s comic book series but Negan finds a way to beak him down. In the comics, Negan and the Saviors come to the Alexandria Safe-Zone to get their half of everything Rick and his team has. Carl manages to hide in the Saviors’ truck but is discovered one they arrive back at The Sanctuary.

Instead of killing Carl, Negan brings him back to his quarters and taunts Carl about his damaged eye. Negan goes as far as to make Carl remove the bandage covering his wound and disgustingly asks if he could touch the skull that can be seen through the eye-socket. At this point, Carl breaks down in tears.

Negan Punishes People Who Betray Him: Getting on Negan’s bad side is a very bad idea. At one point in the comics, Negan holds an iron used to straighten clothes over a fire and burns a man’s face because he betrayed him.

He Viciously Kills People: Negan also doesn’t care for cowards and brutally slashes Spencer’s stomach open, killing him when he asks Negan to kill Rick and make him the leader of Alexandria. Because Spencer asked Negan while Rick was away on an errand, Negan felt it was a cowardly move so he got rid of him.

Negan Makes Lucille Even More Threatening: A baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire is already dangerous, but Negan managed to make Lucille even more deadly by covering the bat in the blood of a walker. Negan then reminded his people that getting bit by a zombie or injured by one is a death sentence, so even the slightest poke by Lucille will result in that person dying.  

“The Walking Dead” Season 7 premieres Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.