Carl and Jesus to the rescue! Sunday’s Season 7 episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” wasn’t action-packed, but the very last scene left us on the edge of our seats and anxiously waiting for next week’s show.

Episode 5, titled “Go Getters,” kicks off revealing that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is alive. She’s been at the Hilltop Colony getting her rest. A doctor at the safe-haven tells Maggie that her baby is doing fine, but she really needs to take it easy and stay off her feet. The doctor also suggests Maggie stay at the Hilltop, under his care, until she gives birth.

Maggie, however, doesn’t want to sit around doing nothing and leaves the doctor’s trailer and asks Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) where Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham’s (Michael Cudlitz) bodies are buried. Sasha takes Maggie to the grave site and hands her the pocket watch Maggie’s father gave to Glenn. Sasha gets emotional and says that everything feels wrong, but Maggie disagrees. Maggie tells Sasha about the doctor’s orders, but says she’s still considering whether she’s going to stay.

The Hilltop’s leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley) comes over to the grave site and tells Maggie and Sasha that he wants them to leave because Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his people didn’t kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and The Saviors like they promised. He’s worried The Saviors will come to the Hilltop and catch Maggie there. Jesus (Tom Payne) doesn’t want Maggie and Sasha to leave and tells Gregory that it’s going to be dark soon so they can’t send Maggie and Sasha on the road now. Gregory agrees to let them stay the night, but says he wants them gone by the morning. Jesus wants to talk to Gregory about it, but Gregory has his mind set.

Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, Rick and Aaron (Ross Marquand) are going on a supply run to get more stuff before Negan and his men return. Rick wants Carl (Chandler Riggs) to go with him, but Carl has an attitude and doesn’t want to go. Carl is mad at the way his dad is bowing down to The Saviors instead of fighting back. Before Rick leaves, he hands Michonne (Danai Gurira) a radio and tells her if they change their mind and want to come on the supply run he and Aaron will be heading north. Rick goes to kiss Michonne on the cheek, but she turns his head and passionately kisses him. Rick thanks her and walks off.

Carl wants to know why Michonne didn’t go and says that he thinks his dad is wrong for how he’s handling things with Negan. Michonne seems on the fence about what should be done, but tells Carl she’ll be back in a bit.

Alone at the house, Carl spots Enid (Katelyn Nacon) attempting to climb the fence and leave. He asks her what she’s doing and she tells him that she’s going to the Hilltop to find Maggie. Carl tells her it’s too dangerous, but says he’s not going to save her anymore.

Back at the Hilltop Colony, Sasha is asking Jesus to tell Gregory that she’ll leave and scavenge for them if Maggie can stay. Jesus says Gregory might not go for it. Later, Sasha tells Maggie that she thinks they should just refuse to leave the Hilltop but Maggie doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Maggie says because Gregory is a coward, he’s dangerous.

As Enid is making her way to the Hilltop, a walker catches her attention but before she can kill it, a car comes out of nowhere and runs it over. It turns out it’s Carl.

Once again, the next scene is back at the Hilltop. It’s dark and everyone is sleeping. Suddenly, loud music starts playing and when Sasha looks outside she sees that the front gate is open and walkers are piling in because of the music. Sasha tells Maggie to stay put, and she goes out to stop the music. Maggie, of course, doesn’t listen and climbs on top of the trailer she and Sasha are staying in. Maggie yells for Jesus to help Sasha and tells two other people to go and close the gate.

Sasha finally finds the source of the loud noise — a car — but it’s impossible to get inside it because it’s locked with a metal gate cover. Maggie somehow finds a tractor and runs over the car stopping the music from playing as Sasha and Jesus help get the front gate closed.

The next morning, Jesus tells Gregory there is no way they can send Maggie and Sasha away after how much they helped last night. Gregory still doesn’t want them to stay at the Hilltop, but tells Jesus to hide them in a closet when he sees The Saviors coming. Gregory is terrified that The Saviors will find Maggie and Sasha living there.

One of Negan’s top guys, Simon (Steven Ogg), tells Gregory that he wants to talk and takes Gregory into the study. Simon tells Gregory that The Saviors were behind the ruckus from last night and says he finds it interesting that the people at Hilltop were able to kill the noise and the walkers so quickly when they barely leave their home. Gregory says that they must have learned a few skills from The Saviors. Simon wants to know if there is anything Gregory needs to tell him and Gregory stays silent. When Simon asks again, Gregory looks at him and mutters “actually, there is.”

Gregory then takes Simon to the hall closet. Is he about to give up Maggie and Sasha!? Gregory opens the closet, but they’re not in there. To play it off, Gregory hands Simon a bottle of Scotch but Simon doesn’t want it. He says that Negan might like it, and takes the entire box. He also makes Gregory put the bottle back in the box. Simon instructs his men to go through the home and take half of everything. To further embarrass Gregory, Simon makes him kneel on the ground.  

It turns out that Jesus hid Maggie and Sasha in Gregory’s bedroom closet, and Gregory is not happy about it. Jesus also puts his foot down and tells Gregory that Sasha and Maggie are staying or he’ll tell the Hilltop people how Gregory can’t really protect them and had to have the Alexandria try and take out Negan. Gregory isn’t happy but agrees that Maggie and Sasha can stay. When Gregory approaches Maggie and calls her “dear,” she punches him in the face and tells him that from now on, he better address her as Maggie Rhee. Maggie also takes back the pocket watch.

Sasha asks Jesus if he could find out where Negan lives, but wants him to keep it between him and her. Jesus agrees to help.

Carl and Enid finally get to the Hilltop. It’s revealed that Carl has a hidden agenda and only went with Enid to the Hilltop because he wants to kill Negan. Enid doesn’t want him to go through with his plan, but knows she can’t talk him out of it. Enid and Carl have a little romantic moment when he kisses her.

The episode ends with Enid reuniting with Maggie and Sasha inside the Hilltop, and Jesus hoping into the back of one of The Saviors’ food trucks as they make their way back home. Jesus, however, isn’t the only person hiding in the back of the truck. Carl is there.

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Walking Dead Season 7 episode 5 recap Season 7, episode 5 of “The Walking Dead” ends with Jesus (Tom Payne) hiding in The Saviors’ food truck to find out where Negan (not pictured) lives. Photo: AMC