“Walking Dead” fans always made fun of Lori – “Carl? CARRLLLL?!?!!?!” – but tears were definitely shed in season three when she bit the dust after giving birth to Judith. Many viewers speculated that Lori would come back to life as a walker, but the season came to a close with only a few “ghost” appearances. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now know that the AMC series originally had other plans for Lori – and it was a lot more grisly.

EW posted the deleted scene which can be found on the “Walking Dead” season three DVD/Blu-ray set when it’s released Aug. 27. Clocking in at a little over two minutes long, the clip is from episode 10 when Rick leaves the prison grounds because he thinks he sees his dead wife. In this version of the scene Rick approaches her on a bridge but stops. Holding out her hand for him, he stumbles forward until he reaches her. Lori touches his face tenderly and they both lean in for a kiss. But when Rick looks up at his wife he sees that she’s not the woman he once loved, but a zombie. Turning around and running, Rick falls to the ground crying with a confused Michonne watching from the guard tower … because Lori really wasn’t there.

When Lori died she was in the prison boiler room with Maggie and Carl. Maggie had left the room with the baby, leaving Carl with his mother. Although the camera didn’t show Carl with her body, a gun shot rang out. Fans were left to wonder if Carl shot Lori in the head to make sure she wouldn’t reanimate – or if the bullet hit somewhere else, giving her a second chance at “life.” “The Walking Dead” later showed Rick heading to the boiler room where he discovered bloody marks that indicated the body was dragged … and a zombie who had a stomach so big that it looked like he had devoured someone.

Click HERE to watch the deleted season three scene on Entertainment Weekly, or buy the DVD when it’s released on Aug. 27.

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