Last October "The Walking Dead" attacked again when the AMC series premiered its second season. The group of survivors had barely managed to escape the CDC (with some choosing to die), and the season kicked off with Rick and his gang on the highway with a heard of zombies quickly approaching. Little did fans know, but showrunner Glen Mazzara had much different plans for the season two premiere.

With "The Walking Dead" season two being released on DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 28, a special deleted scene from the premiere made its way onto the web.

The deleted scene shows the group taking a much different route after the explosion at the CDC. After barely making it out of the building alive, the group heads to the nursing home where Glenn was held hostage in season one. With security, a hidden entrance and supplies, the nursing home seemed like the perfect sanctuary for the survivors to regroup. When they get to the nursing home it's a completely different story though.

Rick and the gang find everyone in the nursing home dead, but as Daryl observes, the cause of death is not from walkers. Everyone had been shot in the head execution style. Although their current world is full of frightening and hungry walkers, the gang realizes that they potentially have a new threat on their hands - whoever murdered these people.

Considering the future season two encounter (and shoot out) that Rick and Hershel have with the guys that walk into the deserted bar, and the upcoming town of Woodbury in season three, one possible person behind the executions at the nursing home is the Governor.

Season three of "The Walking Dead" premieres on October 14.

What do you think of the deleted scene from the season two premiere of "The Walking Dead?"