Dale of AMC's "The Walking Dead" is alive! Jeffrey DeMunn, who played idealistic Dale in the hit zombie series will find new life when he guest stars on NBC's "Chicago Fire."

DeMunn's guest appearance on "Chicago Fire" will be his first TV gig since his role as one of Rick's survivors on "The Walking Dead." Between zombies attacking his RV, being locked down in the CDC building before it was about to blow and scary altercations with Shane, Dale managed to survive some pretty horrifying situations. He ultimately met his death in one of the final episodes of season two, when a rogue zombie on Hershel's farm ripped into him. Before the walker could provide a slow and painful death for Dale, the group of survivors found him, with Daryl burying a bullet into his forehead.

Hopefully DeMunn won't face a similar fate on "Chicago Fire," but his guest stint does seem dangerous.

According to Entertainment Weekly, DeMunn will play a "charming, life-long construction worker" on the new firefighting action drama. DeMunn's character will be caught in a "harrowing situation" that forces him to place his life in the hands of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

Kinney, Lady Gaga's on and off boyfriend and former "Vampire Diaries" star, will be a regular cast member, starring alongside Jesse Spencer, Charlie Barnett, Monica Raymund, Lauren German, Eamonn Walker, David Eigenberg and Teri Reeves.

"Chicago Fire" will heat up NBC when its first season premieres on Oct. 11.