“The Walking Dead” fans may soon have a place to hang out when they visit the AMC series’ Georgia filming location. Showrunner Greg Nicotero and cast member Norman Reedus will soon open their restaurant in Senoia.

Reedus and Nicotero have partnered together to open a restaurant business located in Georgia’s Senoia, where most of “The Walking Dead” scenes are filmed. The new restaurant is called “Nic & Norman,” according to Entertainment Weekly. The two AMC series’ celebrities are slated to open their new business’ doors in June.

“The Walking Dead” actor, who plays Daryl Dixon on the show, also took to Instagram to invite fans to visit his and Nicotero’s restaurant in Georgia when it opens. He uploaded a picture of himself wearing a black hat and shirt that bore the logo of “Nic & Norman.” Reedus caption the image, “Opening soon 20 Main Street, Senoia Georgia. Check us out if [you’re] in the hood. @nicandnormans.”

A Twitter account of the AMC series namely Walker Stalker Con also uploaded a picture of the soon-to-open restaurant’s outdoor sign. The logo featured an image of a paintbrush and an arrow from Reedus’ character’s iconic crossbow. “Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero to Open Restaurant in Senoia, Georgia,” Walker Stalker Con wrote in its Twitter post.

Avid viewers of the show hoping to see zombie related decorations in Reedus and Nicotero’s new restaurant will be disappointed. The two business partners have decorated the soon-to-open “Nic & Norman” in a style suited to a “1930s speakeasy,” as indicated in a report posted on Fox 5. The restaurant’s menu will also include gourmet seafood, steaks and hamburgers.

“The Walking Dead” fanatics, who will visit the restaurant, may also catch a glimpse of either Nicotero or Reedus. The two celebrities will reportedly drop by “Nic & Norman” once in a while. Some of “The Walking Dead” cast and crew members may also soon be spotted hanging out at the said restaurant. Some lucky fans may reportedly even see Reedus tending bar at “Nic & Norman.”