Fans that shipped Beth and Daryl in Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” may be getting their relationship wish after all. Well, obviously not on the show, but in real life. One report is claiming the former co-stars are getting romantic off-screen. 

According to an anonymous source cited by Us Weekly, the former “Walking Dead" co-stars’ friendship turned romantic in recent months after both they and their characters began to hit it off on the show. 

Despite their significant age difference, Reedus being 46 and Kinney only 29, the outlet reports that the Daryl Dixon actor recently attended one of Kinney’s musical performances in Georgia where filming on Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” is currently underway. His appearance caused many to wonder if Reedus was being a good friend or an attentive boyfriend. 

While the status of their relationship isn't confirmed, the duo have made no qualms about discussing their friendship. Speaking to International Business Times in April, Kinney revealed that she frequently hangs out with her former “The Walking Dead” co-star because they both live in New York City. It’s entirely possible that their friendship is being mistaken for romance. Then again, given their obvious chemistry on-screen, it’s also possible they’ve started dating.

For those that are unfamiliar with their Season 4 plotline: [SPOILER ALERT] after the prison was destroyed in The Governor’s final attack, Daryl (Reedus) rescued Beth (Kinney) and, together, they survived on the road until they got separated. Soon after, Beth ended up dead at the hands of a group of survivors living in a hospital. As quickly as fans began to get on board with a Daryl/Beth romance, she was killed off for good leaving a grieving Daryl behind and Kinney free to pursue her music career.

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