After Black Friday protests tarnished the image of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT) and increased pressure on the world's biggest retailer to up its minimum wage and improve working conditions, an outraged mother has started a petition to get her son his job back after he was sacked for giving a price match on a turkey.

According to Caroline Wilson’s letter, which was posted on a petition website, her son Kyle Jaglal had been working at the Frankfort, Ky., store for six months before he was let go just two days before Thanksgiving. His mother claims that he was fired because the turkey wasn’t on the receipt when he price-matched it. She says that should be the cashier’s responsibility and not her son's; he was just there to approve the price match.

Wilson suspects that the firing may be race-related as few people of color work at that particular branch and her son had complained about bias and unfair treatment from another manager.

So far the petition has gained more than 200,000 signatures as it goes viral on social media. announced that Wilson’s petition was one of the fastest growing on the site.

Although, Walmart claim that other factors contributed to Jaglal's termination. 

“Unfortunately the online petition doesn’t depict the full story. This associate was terminated after a series of job performance issues, not one incident," said Walmart Spokesperson Dianna Gee.

A woman registered on the site as Joan Chinitz expressed her outrage and wrote: “This is another example of Walmart's hypocrisy. I wish people would ditch Walmart for other stores. If people are looking for good prices, try Costco or another chain that has a reputation for treating its employees with fairness and respect.”

Another said: “That's it. No more Wal Mart for me.”

For now, Wilson and her son, a single father of two, will have to wait to see if the petition catches the eye of Walmart’s executives and if they give him his job back.

The petition is available here: