President Donald Trump's proposed budget, if approved, will defund several welfare organizations and programs including the Environmental Protection Agency and National Endowment of Humanities.

Trump's controversial travel ban made the United States lose $185 million. Travel booking site Wander, who also lend their hand to social causes by donating a portion of their booking fee to an associated cause of the customer's choice, is launching a #AntiTravelBan campaign, Wednesday, according to a statement provided by the organization to International Business Times. Starting from April 26, Wander will donate a portion of its booking fee to partner organizations that also support the same causes as Wander. The organizations that are to face probable defunding once Trump’s bill is approved include:

Apart from these organizations, independent agencies like African Development Foundation, Appalachian Regional Commission, Chemical Safety Board and other education, commerce, energy and environmental protection agencies could also be potentially defunded under Trump's proposed budget.

Wander, launched in early 2017 with more than 250,000 hotels, created a platform for its customers to give something back to programs, organizations or causes that can affect the world directly.

The traveler would not have to make an effort to help, no excess funds are charged from him either. Causes allied with the company include humanitarian causes, environmental, and children welfare. Working in partnership with "World Wildlife Fund," "CARE," "Vitamin Angels," "Opportunity International" and "Light Up the World," Wander claims to be a "socially responsible" philanthropic travel option.

“Travel is an industry that has a responsibility to give back to the communities that it benefits from, however, this is often overlooked. Beyond that, there’s a huge misconception that to give back to these communities, it takes extra time or a monetary commitment,” said Clementina Oliveras, founder of Wander in a press release obtained by IBT.

“Given the current political climate, we know people are more focused on making positive, socially responsible choices than ever before, and we want to give them an outlet to do so. We hope to demonstrate that an individual can make a difference while doing what they love," she added.

Trump’s proposed budget asked the State Department to cut more than 50 percent of funding to United Nations programs. The budget could likely see a 37 percent cut to the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development budgets. With his proposed budget, the president wants to boost military spending by $54 billion and is seeking equivalent cuts in nondefense discretionary programs, according to  Reuters.

Under the Trump administration, only three agencies- Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs are reportedly getting a boost, according to  CNN.

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