You can watch just about anything on live stream video nowadays. From sporting events, to public speeches, to jury verdicts, to space travel, nearly any event from anywhere in the world can be viewed on the Internet from the comfort of your own home, or phone.

But now, in quite possibly the greatest idea for cat enthusiasts and those getting into the holiday spirit, you can watch adorable cats, all of which are adoptable, play near a Christmas tree to the tune of popular holiday music.

Taking advantage of the cat mania trend, North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization based in Long Island, N.Y., has been hosting a three-day live stream special of cats running around a Christmas living room scene this week. Friday, is the last chance to watch, so tune into the live stream before it ends today, likely sometime around the end of business day.

But the eight cats aren’t alone; the frisky felines are joined by a “wacky grandma ‘cat lady’” who spends her time playing, knitting, dancing and cuddling with the cats. Granny also has a special assistant: an elf who spent most of his Friday morning engaging with the kitties while drinking booze from a cat flask, huffing markers (both jokingly, of course) and sharing messages from Twitter fans on an erasable marker board. (The International Business Times even got a special message from Slate, a male five-month-old domesticated short-hair cat who personally requested to be featured on the site. Here you go, Slate!)


The interactive experience, where users can tweet directly to the cats, grandma and elf and “influence the live stream,” was made possible thanks to CCTV and Legacy Recordings. The catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment is also selling the songs being played through

But best of all, all of the cats featured in the live stream can be adopted on the North Shore Animal League website. You can read the stories of the eight cats on the North Shore Animal League site as well as learn how to adopt your favorite feline.

And if you’re looking to procrastinate this Friday or have a bit of fun in the office, head over to to watch all the bizarre, but adorable, action. If you want to get a shoutout or interact with granny, the elf or the cats, tweet to @ChristmasCatsTV to see a message especially for you on the dry-erase board, like IBTimes did below!