Chocolates, roses and poems might be nice gestures, but when it comes to coupled women, men who step in with household chores could have a higher impact on their wives' and partners' likelihood of cheating.

Gleeden, a French extramarital dating website, released the results of a poll it conducted with 10,000 of its female subscribers that offered insight into the reasons why many subscribers chose to cheat.

The site polled its female subscribers, asking them what they thought drove them to cheat on their partners. The Telegraph reported Wednesday that around 73 percent of women admitted that what drove them to the trysts were due to partners' lack of assistance around the house. This included chores like emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the toilet and taking laundry from the washing machine.

In addition, 84 percent of polled subscribers claimed that having partners that did not pick up the chores led to arguments, while about 86 percent of those polled revealed that they were deeply annoyed by the inaction.

Gleeden, which now operates globally and represents “over 159 countries” on its site, was launched in 2009. In March of 2015, the dating site came under fire by the Association of Catholic Families (AFC) for posting their ads on public transportation in France, the BBC had reported.

The AFC claimed that the site had violated an old Article in French Civil Code that had dictated that “married partners owe each other the duty of respect, fidelity, help and assistance.” Several cities decided to pull the ads, according to another New York Times piece released at the time, which pictured a bitten apple (suggesting Eve’s forbidden fruit) and signage that promoted the site as “the premier site for extramarital affairs designed by women.”