Adult-film star Christy Mack will have to wait to confront her MMA fighter ex-boyfriend Jonathan Koppenhaver in court. Mack was due to testify against Koppenhaver, who goes by War Machine in the the ring, on Friday, Oct. 17, for an assault incident stemming from August. Following a request from War Machine's lawyers, however, the preliminary hearing has been pushed back, according to Fox Sports.

War Machine is charged with attempted murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, battery and other offenses. The 32-year-old MMA fighter, who pled not guilty last month, attempted suicide in his Las Vegas prison cell Thursday, Oct. 16, trying to hang himself. 

The prosecution in War Machine’s case believes that the postponement Friday was a tactic, commonly known as “icing the victim,” wherein the defense wears down the witnesses and prosecution by dragging out the proceedings. They insist the tactic will not work and that Mack and friend Corey Thomas (another victim in the case) are eager to appear in court and get justice.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jacqueline Bluth acknowledged the delay, saying, “It is not going to work. The victim is always going to be cooperative with us. Both victims in this case want to get this process going.”

They may not get the chance, though. The defense reportedly requested the postponement to attempt to work out a plea bargain deal with the prosecution. If such a deal were reached, Christy Mack could potentially never see a witness stand, and War Machine coulday receive a lesser sentence for his alleged crimes.

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