The “Warcraft” movie is very close to being done, director Duncan Jones told reporters at the San Diego Comic-Con Legendary booth on Wednesday. The movie is set for release in June 2016 and if it does well there could be two sequels.

“We have pretty much a finished movie,” said Jones in an io9 video. “I have under 10 VFX shots, which are being finished off right now.”

Jones mentioned that he’s shown the movie to a number of people and is confident that it’s good. If movie-goers agree then the sequels are a distinct possibility, Jones has already thought about the plot lines.

“If it goes well I’m pretty convinced that Chris Metzen from Blizzard and I have a very good idea of what story we could tell in three films given the opportunity,” said Jones.

The “Warcraft” film will focus on the relationship between orcs and humans and the conflicts between the Horde and Alliance.

Legendary have also created a VR experience that allows users to “soar through the epic world of the Warcraft movie” on the back of a Gryphon.