"The Calling" singer Alex Band's claims that he was abducted and robbed this past weekend in Michigan are now being deemed as an alleged hoax after the group’s comeback was officially announced mere hours after the incident. But according to the 32-year-old musician, the kidnapping was neither drug-related nor a publicity stunt.

TMZ first reported Monday that Band was abducted by two unidentified men driving a minivan in Lapeer, Mich., at around 4 a.m. on Sunday. According to the report, the singer was beaten and robbed by the men before he was dumped onto nearby train tracks and found hours later. In a 911 call, also obtained by TMZ, Band’s manager can be heard telling authorities he was found “bloodied and beaten” following his abduction. When asked how they knew he was the victim of a kidnapping, he responded saying, "Because he's bleeding all over the place and I found him on the side of the road."

Some are now questioning if the singer is not being truthful regarding his self-classified near death experience, some even relating the injuries (which included a fractured lower spine, broken teeth, bruising and 15 stitches in his chin) to his alleged drug use. According to a representative for Band, he survived the attack because he revealed his upcoming parental status to his abductors, to which they reportedly responded by saying, "We don't kill fathers.”

Following allegations that the incident was a hoax, Band revealed to CNN that the attack was unprovoked and not related to his music career. "This just happened to me. I didn't kidnap myself, or beat the crap out of myself, so the whole hoax thing is honestly kind of disgusting to even think about, or hear,” Band said, confirming he was released by his captors because of his unborn child. “I am grateful to be alive and I know that I am destined for bringing my music back to my fans,” he said.

"The Calling" rose to popularity in 2000 and are best known for the song “Wherever You Will Go.” The group announced a hiatus in 2005. The group's latest press release via CNN regarding their comeback reportedly cited the split due to Band’s “drug abuse” and personal relationship struggles. “Coming out of my addiction with yet another struggle is something of a freedom,” Band said. “This second chance and has given me great fodder for our new music.”