Charlie Sheen arrived in Detroit on Saturday to a sold out show and thunderous applause.  However, starting at about 10 minutes into the show, he was booed and heckled by the crowd, which then made a mass exodus out of the building.  Some people even demanded a refund.

“It was nothing like we expected to be. It was really boring,” said one fan interviewed by an ABC News crew stationed outside the venue.

“Definitely not winning.  He’s losing!” said another.

“He mentioned warlock,  tiger blood, and winning.  That’s about it.  His three catch phrases.  [The show] was nothing but firm clips to take up the time,” said a third.

Indeed, dissatisfied customers complained that the show was just video clips and rants (about Sheen and his career), not the wild time they were expecting.

However, loyal fans of Sheen claim the star was trolled by haters in Detroit.

One coupled interviewed by ABC said they left because “the fans suck” and ruined the show.  

On Sheen's Twitter page, plenty of fans defended him.

“Detroit…sucks and their residents are the most horrible people on this planet,” said one fan.

“The way I see it, now’s the time to see who your true friends are. These haters are messed up,” said another.

“A sea full of out of work trolls!!! Classless Detroit! The same ones who boo the Lions each week!!” said a third.

“Ignore the trolls - they just love to hate!” said a fourth.

Moreover, many of his fans on Twitter said they look forward to attending futures shows of Sheen’s tour.  His next one is on April 3 in Chicago.