Taking on the role of the Joker in a Batman film is a tough feat and subjects an actor to constant criticism from fans. From Heath Ledger to Jared Leto, fans always question the casting and wonder if the new actor can fill the shoes of the last performer. 

While DC fans may have their favorite Jokers, actor Mark Hamill, who has portrayed the Joker in animated films and cartoons, believes every incarnation of the character is good, and revealed his true feelings about Leto’s performance in “Suicide Squad.”

During an interview with Polygon, Hamill said he loved Leto’s Joker and he has yet to see a Joker that has made him say, “That was terrible.” According to Hamill, the key to enjoying all the Jokers is looking at them in different lights.

Hamill said Heath Ledger’s Joker in “The Dark Knight” was different from Jack Nicholson’s Joker in 1989’s “Batman” because it needed to be. “Everyone brings a different spin to the character and you have to look at each script separately. I don’t think there’s a definitive version of the Joker and I don’t think there can be. It’s like Hamlet, really. It’ll be constantly redefined.”

Although Hamill is a fan of the different Jokers, he does understand why fans are upset with the direction recent DC movies such as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” are going in. While he wouldn’t say if he liked or disliked the films, Hamill said it may be best if one person was in charge of all the production for the DC movies.

Hamill also had a message for angry fans: never stop giving your opinion. The 65-year-old actor believes fans making their feelings known makes a difference for future films. 

Reviews for “Suicide Squad” were mixed. Some praised Leto’s performance such as Entertainment Weekly, which said the actor stole the show but was “wasted” in the film. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone called his part was a “glorified walk-on.”