Scamp, a family dog in Washington state, was hit by a car after it escaped through a fence. The 8-and-a-half-month-old Yorkshire Terrier-ShihTzu mix showed no sign of life. He wasn't breathing. He was bleeding. His eyes were fixed. Scamp was presumed dead.

I was talking and not paying attention and he somehow got outside the fence and the next thing I know I heard the car, Scamp's owner, Paul McKinlay, told about how the dog escaped the Yelm home. I figured he was gone, I figured he had passed away.

Reta McKinlay told The Olympian that her husband then wrapped the dog in blanket on Dec. 3 and placed him under a wheelbarrow so that other animals couldn't touch him. They intended to bury Scamp the following morning.

To their surprise, when the husband went to bury Scamp, the dog was alive, sitting up, but a bit dazed. They are wondering how a dog who was hit by a car could have survived that and being placed out in the cold. They believe the dog's return is a Christmas gift to the family, according to

It would've slowed down all his body functions and made it to where his brain didn't swell. That's what the vet said, that's what saved his life, Reta McKinlay said. Christmas is about the kids, it's about miracles, it's about hope... as long as family is together and Scamps part of our family.

The Associated Press reported that the family has spent $3,000 on veterinary bills.

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