Washington State Jeopardizes Relationship With Boeing (BA) By Attempting To Bring In Airbus

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    A Boeing 777 jetliner being manufactured for customer Turkish Airlines is seen in the background, near the fuselage of two other 777s (front), on the production line at Boeing's Commercial Airplane manufacturing facility in Everett, Wash., on Feb. 14, 2011. Reuters/Anthony Bolante
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    A cutaway model of the A350 series 900, which will carry around 315 people based on configuration, at the Airbus stand. Alberto Riva
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Washington state is courting EADS-owned Airbus as tensions rise over The Boeing Company's (NYSE:BA) apparent determination to abandon the state amid labor difficulties and build aircraft out of state, according to a Thursday report. 

Washington state officials have been traveling to Airbus’ U.S. headquarters in Virginia over the past couple of months in order to connect in-state aircraft suppliers and Airbus, according to an Associated Press report citing documents the news agency obtained.

Additionally, the report said the state officials signed a five-year confidentiality agreement to allow Airbus to explore further opportunities in the state.

One expert cited in the report said it was a dangerous move that could jeopardize the state's relationship with Boeing and may be related to the company's decision to move its headquarters to Chicago and open a 787 plant in South Carolina.

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