Originally a Kickstarter project that became much more successful than expected, “Wasteland 2” is now heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with additions and enhanced graphics as “Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut.” As the title suggests, the game is a sequel to the “Wasteland” that came out in 1988 and inspired plenty of post-apocalyptic games to follow, like the popular “Fallout” series.

Developed by inXile Entertainment, “Wasteland 2” features many of the elements that made the first “Wasteland” a hit, like tactical turn-based combat and a number of character classes to train and lead into battle. According to VG247, “Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut” will feature enhanced graphics and additional features that were lacking in the original version, like more voice work, redesigned battle encounters and a more friendly user-interface.

The fun isn’t just for the console versions, however, as Game Informer has confirmed that those who supported the game through Kickstarter will get a free upgrade to the “Director’s Cut” on their PC platform. This is a nice gesture, as it shows that the developers did not forget the help of the fans who supported the game and made it a reality.

According to Kickstarter, the original “Wasteland 2” had more than 60,000 backers and drew more than $2 million in funding. Kickstarter has proven to be a savior for fans of nostalgia projects, as the system has also been used to fund games like “Mighty No. 9” and “Bloodstained,” amongst others.

In fact, developer inXile is currently using Kickstarter to fund another sequel to a nostalgic series: “The Bard’s Tale IV.” The game will reportedly be a sequel to the original trilogy and will have no connection to the rebooted “Bard’s Tale” that is currently available on PlayStation 2, Xbox and mobile devices.

Originally called “Wasteland 2: GOTY Edition,” the newly christened “Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut” will be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC this summer. So those who missed out on the game the first time can now play it on their platform of choice. 

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut E3 2015 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/inXile)