Internet, get acquainted with the newest sensation: Akshat Singh. The 8-year-old appeared on “India’s Got Talent” and warmed the hearts of millions with his limber, frisky dance moves and confidence. His Bollywood dance act transcends the language barrier (though there are few words spoken) with everyone being able to enjoy his routine through Akshat’s charisma.

The YouTube video of his appearance on the reality show went viral, with more than 500,000 views, but it has since been taken down. There’s a new clip circulating the Web called “Indian Kid Has Some - Real Dance Moves.” E! Online pointed out the old video was called "Fat Indian Kid Dance,” which dismisses the fact that Akshat had a practiced routine put together to the melody of Salman Khan's Bollywood movies. Not all of it might have been age appropriate, but that could be what has made him such an international star.

Though the 8-year-old is on the portly side, it’s on the cruel side to simply label him “little fat kid.” Besides, how many little kids can play air guitar on themselves, body pop, drop into a full split, belly dance and then do a rotating headstand while mid-split? Some of the youngster’s routine was even reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s famous moves, complete with crotch grabs and hip thrusts.

Akshat received a standing ovation for his performance from the judges, and according to the Mirror, one of the judges said: "I'm in shock, this agility for this weight, it's just outstanding!" Another added: "Nobody can match your rhythm." People magazine added that the child has been dancing for a long time, finding YouTube videos of him performing just as elaborate dances at age 5.  

For those who haven’t see Akshat dance yet, check out his remarkable performance below:

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