A black bear and a Florida family got up close and personal in a video posted Thursday on Facebook Live when the bear wandered into the family’s yard and came up to the window.

While Angie Pope stood with her children, the bear came up and gazed through the window at them. A small dog seemed quite upset with the encounter, barking and jumping at the window and scaring the bear away. But, each time he got a little spooked by the small yapper, he’d come on back and stare into the house.

“He is looking right into my eyes,” Pope says in the video. “I don’t know what to do.”

It’s impossible to know if the bear had any idea that it was being filmed, but Pope put in a pretty strong effort to keep the beast on camera. She sat filming for over seven minutes. A second video shows the bear lounging then leaving and going around the house.

At various points during the live stream, Pope made some small jokes, including noting that she had a shotgun in the house when it put its paws up near the window.

The people watching the video chimed in to marvel at the bear and make jokes at its expense as well.

“New rug for the living room,” one viewer joked, before adding, “Time for a fence.”

Another viewer, noting that the bear seemed to eyeball a tomato plant near the window, wondered if maybe that was the true attraction.

“He’ll be back for those tomatoes,” she said.

Pope replied to one that she believed a neighbor had spotted the bear in his garden regularly. She said that she was considering calling animal control as many commenters had been urging her to do. Several expressed concern for the family’s safety.