The Britney Spears Tour will soon be underway and MTV reports that Nicki Minaj promises that it will have a strong theatrical element. Minaj stated, We probably won't start talking about what we're planning for another couple days.

I've been just rehearsing, and she's been rehearsing, and we'll be getting together in a couple days.

Minaj told MTV that she is trying to create a dramatic element to her performance, most likely to keep up with the pop princess.

Today, via Twipic, Britney released the new artwork for her single, 'I wanna go.' Listen to her new single here.

We take a look at some of Britney's commercials from over the years:

Britney Spears: Japanese Candy Commercial (1999)

Britney Spears: Pepsi commercial

Britney Spears: Pepsi commercial #2

Britney Spears: Pepsi commercial #3 with Pink and Beyonce

Britney Spears: GG Tea commercial

Britney Spears: Herbal Essences commercial

Britney Spears: Radiance Perfume commercial