A teenage boy was transported to the hospital following a vicious schoolyard attack at the hands of fellow students. Onlookers recorded video the assault and posted the footage to Facebook, which went viral.

Police arrived at the Rawlett School in Tamworth, England, after a gang of kids pummeled a 15-year-old student Monday afternoon. The assailants antagonized the victim before assaulting him. The video showed the boy trapped in a corner as the attackers pounded and kicked him repeatedly.

Footage of the fight can be seen here

The video amassed 600,000 views before it was removed from social media, the United Kingdom’s Birmingham Mail reported Tuesday. After the vicious assault, the boy received treatment for minor injuries at Sir Robert Peel Hospital at Mile Oak near Tamworth.

GettyImages-459234078 Video footage captured a teenager being attacked by a group of schoolyard kids. Children are pictured on a schoolyard in Paris on Nov. 19, 2014 Photo: Getty Images

School officials apparently broke up the fight shortly after it happened. They quickly notified the parents of the students involved, a Rawlett School spokesperson told Birmingham Mail.

"Staff picked up that a fight was taking place at the time and went to the scene immediately," the spokesperson said. "Parents were involved straight after the incident and the police have been informed.

The attack occurred on school grounds and officials apparently notified the Staffordshire Police, Birmingham Mail reported.

"The boy attended Sir Robert Peel Hospital to have his injuries checked, although none of the injuries were serious," the school spokesperson said.

"We were called to reports of a 15-year-old boy studying at  Rawlett  High School in Tamworth having been assaulted by several children at around 3:45 p.m. on Monday," police stated.

A police investigation into the incident received the school’s support, according to the spokesperson. The school looked to take action against the students involved in the incident, which coincided with its discipline policy.

"As a school, we will be fully supporting any police investigations over the next few days," the statement read. "In accordance with school discipline policy, we'll be taking appropriate action with the pupils involved. We have already planned discussions with all pupils to challenge such anti-social behavior."

As the school requested, the original video of the confrontation was deleted from social media to protect the students involved, according to the spokesperson.

"As far as the video is concerned, we were made aware it had been uploaded to Facebook within minutes and will be asking the original poster to remove it to protect the student involved,” the statement read.

The victim never pressed charges and the attackers will not be taken to court, according to police.

"The victim’s wishes for no criminal proceedings have been recorded," the statement read. "Instead they are happy for the school to deal with the matter internally. Therefore no further action will be taken by police."