GoPro released footage on Thursday of professional skier and rally driver Guerlain Chicherit's attempt at the world record for longest ramp car jump, and the footage ends with what can only be described as spectacular.

The 12-minute video follows Chicherit and his team as they prepare to break the world record of 332 feet (101 meters). The team progressively make longer and longer jumps, working up to the monstrous 101 meter feat.

The jump doesn’t go as planned, but Chicherit walks away with only minor injuries -- a truly astounding accomplishment considering how far his car tumbles on landing. GoPro captures every moment from seemingly every angle. Truly a video you can’t miss. Skip to 7 minutes for the final jump, but we suggest watching the whole 12 minutes.

Watch Chicherit try a more lighthearted feat below (spoiler: he lands it).