E!’s new show “Hollywood Medium” is already promising a chilling premiere. A sneak peek preview of Sunday’s episode reveals that 20-year-old medium Tyler Henry will channel late actress Brittany Murphy during a session with “Mom” star Jaime Pressly.

The new clip, which was released Sunday afternoon, shows Henry, who is clairvoyant, talking to Pressly about a loved one. However, Henry gets distracted when a “younger woman” steps forward.

“This is going to sound a little strange,” he warns Pressly, 38. “I don’t know if I want to bring this person through.”

Henry explains that this mysterious woman feels as if she “passed away too soon.” He adds that her presence is making his lungs hurt, as well as making him mentally and physically feel “strange.”

“She’s blaming an outside influence,” he continues. “And saying that she was in a very manipulative situation where I actually feel like an outside person was detrimental in influencing a lot of her actions in certain areas. There is a reference to a ‘B’ initial.”

After getting a little bit more information Henry mentions the name Britney Spears, and Pressly is able to figure out that the “younger woman” attempting to connect with Henry is Brittany Murphy. The actress died in 2009 at the age of 32 due to pneumonia, anemia and drug intoxication.

“During a reading, I try to set the intentions for the energy that is going to come through,” Henry explained to Cosmopolitan magazine of the moment from the premiere. “I use my life experience as points of reference to relate a message – I describe it as a word bank. So I mean I didn’t know who Brittany Murphy was but I do know Britney spears, and so that was the way of giving that name to me in a way that would be specific and deliverable.”

Watch the scene from the “Hollywood Medium” below:

Murphy and Pressly used to be close friends, however, PopSugar reports that the two drifted apart following Murphy's marriage to Simon Monjack in 2007. Henry’s mention of a “manipulative situation” may be a reference to Monjack, who was allegedly involved in “fraudulent activities.” However, Murphy’s estranged father, Angelo Bertolotti, has previously stated that he believes his ex-wife played a role in his daughter’s death.

Tyler Henry will sit down with a handful of famous celebrities on his upcoming E! reality show. “Hollywood Medium” has been picked up for eight episodes and will include appearances by Bella Thorne, Amber Rose, Snooki, Boy George and many more. The show premieres on E! at 10 p.m. EST.