A high school student in Milwaukee was arrested Tuesday after a video of an incident where the teen was captured attacking his teacher in front of the class and repeatedly punching him as the other students watched, surfaced.

The video of the incident captured on a cellphone camera likely by another student present in the class showed a South Division High School teacher and a 16-year-old male student having a confrontation in front of a classroom of students. Moments after which the teen, who has not been identified, is seen throwing a powerful punch straight to the teacher’s face and knocking him to the ground. The student keeps punching the teacher as both of them yell at each other. The student is seen punching the teacher at least four times as he lays on the ground, either unwilling or unable to fight.

Police said that the 16-year-old student who was responsible for attacking the teacher was arrested at the school premises and could face possible charges of battery, a local Fox affiliate, FOX 6 reported.

Police also mentioned that the teacher’s injuries were not life-threatening.

"That scares me. Oh my god, that really scares me," said Niki Gerth, who has a freshman daughter who goes to South Division High School, referring to the incident.

A student named Gustavo Miramontes, 17, who also goes to South Divison said that the teacher in the video is well known among kids, NBC affiliate WTMJ-TV reported.

"He is kind of like a helper," Miramontes said. "He is mostly just like if a kid has a question he will help them out if they are struggling or something."

The circumstances as to why the confrontation took place are still not clear, a Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) spokesman said that they could not provide further details as there is an ongoing investigation into the case. The spokesman added that the district is cooperating with the investigation into the incident.

"MPS is cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate a situation that occurred today at 1515 W Lapham Blvd. Due to this being an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further," Fox 6 quoted him as saying.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said that such kind of violence in a school is "a great concern to the community."

"Actions like this need criminal charges to send a message, and hold the student responsible for their reckless and dangerous behavior," he said, Fox 6 reported. "I applaud the many great teachers and students at MPS, however, there is a segment of students who choose to behave inappropriately and criminally, which robs other students and teachers of an opportunity to build a safe learning environment."

The entire incident is expected to be reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, according to Fox 6.

A similar incident was captured on video two years ago when a New Jersey high school student faced assault charges after he attacked his teacher. The teen was said to be angry because the teacher had confiscated his cellphone and then resorted to attacking him, knocking him to the desk and pushing him across the classroom, a Fox News report said at that time.