Horror movies exist for every occasion – including New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. With 2014 quickly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of nine horror films to watch leading up to the highly anticipated ball drop at midnight on Dec. 31. Get ready to scream:

“New Year’s Evil” (1980)

This '80s slasher film starts off on New Year’s Eve with television host Diane Sullivan holding a countdown to the new year. But Diane’s night turns ugly when she gets a phone call from a stranger named “Evil” who announces on live TV that a “naughty girl” will be murdered when the clock strikes midnight in each time zone – and Diane will be the last one.

“Terror Train” (1980)

A prank at a pre-med fraternity party on New Year’s Eve goes terrible wrong when a pledge named Kenny becomes traumatized after ending up in bed with a woman’s corpse. Sent to a psychiatric hospital, Kenny breaks out three years later and begins to murder his tormentors one-by-one as they celebrate New Year’s Eve on a train.

“Ghost Keeper” (1982)

A group of friends spending New Year’s Eve on a snowmobiling trip in the Rocky Mountains find themselves forced to take shelter at an abandoned hotel at the top of a snow trail. But the hotel isn’t abandoned; it’s inhabited by an old woman and her two sons.

“Bloody New Year” (1987)

Five English teens seek refuge at an island hotel after becoming shipwrecked. Although it’s early summer, the hotel is decorated for New Year's … and the five teens soon find themselves in danger.

“Blackwood Evil” (2000)

Four paranormal investigators enter a house in the Blacklands of Texas on New Year’s Eve 1999 to investigate supernatural activity. They're never seen alive again, but a tape of their final hours is delivered to a TV station in Sunrise, Texas, two months later.

“Sickness House” (2006)

Friends spending New Year’s Eve together get trapped in a house when a contagious and deadly virus begins to spread and the home is put on lockdown.

“Steel Trap” (2007)

Five strangers must fight for their lives when they’re lured to an extravagant New Year’s Eve party by a killer.

“Lost Signal” (2007)

On New Year's Eve 2004, a couple celebrating their 7th anniversary decide to experiment with chrystal meth. What they don’t know is that someone also slipped LSD into their drinks. Things go horribly wrong when they leave the party in this story based on true events.

“The Signal” (2008)

A New Year’s Eve toast turns bloody when a mysterious transmission turns the citizens in the city of Terminus into murderous psychopaths.