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James Eagan Holmes, the man who police say acted alone when he shot up a Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colo., on Friday, July 20, reportedly lived in  Apartment 10, a small one-bedroom apartment on Paris Street in Aurora, within walking distance of the theater. The building's tenants are comprised of mostly students involved in health studies, CNN reports. 

Not long after being detained by authorities, Holmes reportedly told police that he had booby-trapped the third-floor apartment.

As a result, authorities evacuated the entire apartment building and four others nearby after Holmes made the statement about explosives to police, Oates said.

We are not sure what we're dealing with in the home, Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates said. They appear to be incendiary devices; there's some chemical elements there. ... They're linked together with all kinds of wires. As a layman, it's not something I've ever seen before.

In the early morning hours of Sat., July 21, Colorado police told reporters they hope to enter the booby trapped apartment of the movie theater shooting suspect soon, but trip wire removal may include detonation, boom and fire.

According to Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates, the suspect's sole interaction with the police department prior to the Dark Knight massacre was an October 2011 summons for speeding. UCR police have no record of any contact with Holmes, the school said.

Watch police prepare to enter the apartment of suspected movie theater gunman James Eagan Holmes.