Wegmans Food Markets, one of the largest grocery chains in North America, recalled more than 1,000 pounds of chicken Tuesday because the poultry had not been federally inspected before going to market. Four types of packaged chicken were affected, with a health risk the U.S. Department of Agriculture classified as high. Here's how to tell if you bought recalled chicken and how to get a refund for it.

The following chicken products, all of them in vacuum-sealed packages, were recalled, according to the USDA:

  • Wegmans Italian Flavored Chicken Breast Cutlet with a use-by date of Jan. 24, in approximately one-pound packages
  • Wegmans Brown Sugar Barbecue Seasoned Chicken Breast Cutlet with a use-by date of Jan. 15, in approximately one-pound packages
  • Wegmans Garlic & Fennel Whole Chicken Roaster with a use-by date of Jan. 13, in three-pound packages
  • Wokery Sherry Chicken 27482 with a use-by date of Jan. 13, in one-pound packages

Another way to determine whether a package of chicken was among those recalled is to check inside the USDA mark of inspection on the package itself. If the establishment number "P-7567" appears inside that mark, the chicken was recalled. Recalled chicken was shipped to stores in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Actual images of the packaging and labels found on the recalled chicken products can be viewed here. The Department of Agriculture said the problem was discovered after its Food Safety and Inspection Service conducted a review of records and learned that Wegmans had changed its schedule so that the chicken in question was produced "outside the approved hours of operation."

A recall classified as having a high health risk is defined as having "a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death."

Customers who find themselves with recalled packages of chicken on their hands can return it wherever they purchased it and receive a full refund, the USDA said in a news release.

Wegmans is headquartered near Rochester, New York, and has stores in western New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia. In May, Wegmans announced it planned to open its first branch in New York, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The company raked in an estimated $7.9 billion in sales in 2015.