Rep. Anthony Weiner D-NY admitted to lying about a lewd photo tweet scandal over the past 10 days, saying he had indeed sent the photo to a 21-year old woman.

I was embarrassed and I didn't want it to lead to more embarrassing lies, Weiner said, explaining why he had lied to his constituents and the press.

The admission comes on the day when a website run by conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted new photos which were said to be sent by Weiner. The photos showed a man's chest. Other photos showed a Weiner without a shirt. The original photos showed a man's lower torso in underwear.

He called it a huge and regrettable mistake and apologized to the 21 year-old student in Seattle who initially received the mistake, saying he had disrupted her life.

He also apologized to his wife, calling the incident a personal failing, while denying he had broken the law.

Weiner also admitted to sending six online relationships with women over the past three years which he met online.

He was asked by a reporter if 'x-rated' photos of himself existed. Weiner would not deny it.