Weirdest Foods: Camel Heads, Grilled Rats, Cobra Meat [GRAPHIC]

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Sudan produces up to 81,000 tonnes of camel meat per year. Down there, it's common food.

Indonesians enjoyed an occasional cobra burger or two. Some of them  believe eating these burgers will cure skin diseases and asthma, and increase sexual virility, according to Reuters.

In Thailand, there are people who believe eating house lizards will treat various health problems. Reuters interviewed a Thai named Somsak Inta who has been eating them for over 20 years. Others in the south Asian country snack on grilled rats, which are popular despite costing twice as much as pork or chicken.

The grilled rats business is a great blessing to Thai farmers because doing so both makes a tidy profit and protects their rice crops.

Here are pictures of these and other unconventional food sources people enjoy around the world.

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