Wendy Williams doesn’t care when people say she looks like a man. During an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, the talk show host was promoting her new comedy show in Las Vegas, but the conversation turned toward the people who question Williams’ gender and identity.

"People do think I was born a man," Williams said with a smile. "That is absolutely not [true]. I get it. I've got a strong face, a strong body, I'm 5'11". I wear wigs. I get it."

"Do I get upset with it? No," she went on. "I get where that comes from, but in my opinion, there's no worse way to insult a woman than to say she looks like a man, but once a woman gets over that, there is no stronger woman. It rolls off her back when you say it. There's nothing you can call me at this particular point. I've been dealing with this for decades."

Williams explained she’s dealt with scrutiny her whole life, even coming from her parents. She said they “fat shamed” her when she was a child.

"I had a very tortured childhood, " the host said. "I didn't grow up the popular girl, or the popular cheerleader. I've never been to a prom, I didn't have a lot of boyfriends, so I'm used to being on this side of life."

Williams’ new stand-up comedy show, “Lipshtick,” will start in Las Vegas on Friday.

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