The man who created Freddy Krueger and the "Ghostface" killer has died. Wes Craven, the legendary horror film director of "Scream" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street," is dead at age 76, a family member confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter.

Craven is reported to have died at his home in Los Angeles. He had been battling brain cancer, the Hollywood Reporter wrote. Film critic Richard Roeper tweeted out a tribute to the director Sunday night.

In 1984, the director created one of the most iconic characters in horror films with Freddy Krueger in "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Several sequels were made of the movie, but Craven signed on to do only "New Nightmare," in 1994.

Craven not only was a game-changer in 1984, but "Scream," his spoof of teen horror movies, brought him much success in 1996 as it grossed more than $100 million and led to two more movies, completing a trilogy. The "Ghostface" mask and costume is also one of the most iconic horror movie characters.

He returned to the franchise is 2011 with "Scream 4," which was the last film he directed. "Scream" stars Courteney Cox and Rose McGowan tweeted the following:

The "Scream" director broke out into the industry in 1972 with the original "The Last House on the Left." He was also the filmmaker behind the original "The Hills Have Eyes," which was released in 1977. 

Craven was still active until his death. According to Deadline, he had signed a TV deal with Universal Cable Productions. He had a few television projects in development, including "The People Under the Stairs" and "We Are All Completely Fine" with Syfy, "Disciples" with UCP, and "Sleepers" with Federation Entertainment.

Craven was also an executive producer of MTV's "Scream," a TV series inspired by the movies.

"Vampire Diaries" creator Julie Plec, who served as an assistant to Craven when she started out in the industry, tweeted the following message:

Director James Wan, known for directing "Saw" and "The Conjuring," took to Twitter to thank the director for being an inspiration to him.