Wesley Warren Jr., the man with a 132-pound scrotum, will appear in a one-hour special airing at 9 p.m. ET Aug. 19 on cable network TLC. The episode will chronicle the daily challenges faced by the 49-year-old Las Vegas resident, who has a rare medical condition called scrotal lymphedema.

The documentary, titled “The Man With The 132 lb. Scrotum,” will follow “Wes’s life as he deals with day-to-day challenges that are easy for most people. Due to the large size of his scrotum, Wes has difficulty with simple tasks like walking, preparing meals and even going to the restroom," according to promotional material for the show. 

Warren said that he noticed in 2008 that his testicles began to grow around three pounds per month. On its website, the Center For Reconstructive Urology in Orange, Calif., said that scrotal lymphedema causes the "entire scrotum to become extremely large as fluid and tissue accumulates.” It added that “eventually, the skin of the scrotum becomes very bumpy and irregular and the penis becomes buried within the tissue.”

Warren said that his scrotum reached somewhere between 132-160 pounds over a two year period. Despite the discomfort and pain caused by his condition, Warren said that he declined to have the “Dr. Oz Show” pay for his surgery in 2012 because he didn’t want to give up the rights to his story. At the time, he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “I’ll make a decision when I’m ready.”

The show also highlights Warren's “attempts to find appropriate medical care and raise money for the surgery he desperately needs.” In April, Warren finally decided to undergo a 13-hour procedure to remove the mass. Joel Gelman, a University of California, Irvine, surgeon who led the team, said that Warren now is “basically a new man.”

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