The city of Morgantown has finally cracked down and made couch burning a felony -- sending thousands of West Virginia students back to the drawing board for new celebration plans.

West Virginia has become famous for its couch burning -- lighting up the poor, comfy couches at every possible opportunity -- and the town has finally had enough. It only took them a few decades to reach that point.

We tried to handle it on a local level . . . but unfortunately, it has not been a deterrent, for whatever reason, Morgantown police Capt. Tennant told The Associated Press. The collective decision is to take a more serious approach.

Morgantown used to rely on its misdemeanor malicious burning ordinance, which carried a maximum $1000 fine, but now those caught burning couches could see jail time.

West Virginia students would usually take to the streets to burn couches in celebration of football or basketball victories. And sometimes for just pure American pride when thousands of students torched couches and trash bins in celebration of the death of Osama bin Laden.

With its main avenue for celebration now out the window, whatever will students do now?