HBO’s new sci-fi series “Westworld” is shrouded in a lot of mystery, which makes fans even more eager to catch the show.

To help with the public’s growing interest on the show, Entertainment Weekly talked to the main stars of “Westworld” and asked about their characters.

First up is Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Robert Ford, who runs the Western theme park. The award-winning actor said that producers wanted his character to be a mix of Walt Disney and Dr. Frankenstein, so he had to balance idealism and obsession. “He wants to create a pure dystopia or utopia, but he begins to realize that he’s lost track of it,” Hopkins explained.

Evan Rachel Wood will be playing Dolores Abernathy, one of the park’s “hosts” who is slowly coming to terms with her reality. Wood said it was quite the challenge playing a robot because her every movement tells a story. “Every little beat, every moment and every flicker of your eye means something,” Wood said.

This is the same thing Wood told Collider earlier of the challenges of being a part of “Westworld.” “You can’t really tell them (humans and hosts) apart until there’s just one slight little movement, or shift, or freeze, that just throws you off completely, and those are the moments in the show that made me slightly scared, but really fun to do,” she said.

Dolores has to be very careful with the Man in Black (Ed Harris), a frequent human visitor who has something sinister up his sleeves. “He’s got a much more specific intention than just having a good time,” Harris said of his character.

Meanwhile, the show is keeping details about James Marsden’s Teddy Flood under tight wraps. But Marsden was quick to tease that the show will constantly keep audiences on the edge of their seats. “You’ll constantly be off balance,” he assured. “You’ll think you’ll know what’s happening, and where [the story is] going, but you’ll be wrong.”

The new trailer released by the network shows how the robotic “hosts” deal with humans’ deception and shocking indulgences. The trailer shows glimpses of how humans run amok in Westworld, with violent shootings, sex scenes, a milk-drinking cowboy with holes in a body and several dead bodies scattered all over the street.