American universities enrolled more foreign students than ever last year, with more than 1.13 million students arriving from abroad for college. Campuses have become more international as a result, and many schools saw their highest rates of foreign students matriculated.

U.S. News & World Report released its annual college rankings Wednesday, which looked at the country's most international schools. Each of the schools with the highest percentages of foreign students had at least 15 percent international students enrolled.

Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, was the most international university, with 33 percent of the student body composed of foreign students -- a greater presence than last year's top school, the New School in New York City. Last year, the New School reported 31 percent international students. While the school's percentage for the 2014-15 academic year increased to 32 percent, that figure earned the school only the No. 2 spot on this year's list. 

Many of the schools, including Florida Institute of Technology, host international festivals and programs to celebrate their diverse campuses. Florida Tech hosts an international friendship program, coffee hours and an annual festival for foreign students. The school also encourages students to participate in off-campus celebrations, such as the Taste of Greece Festival and IndiaFest, which take place close to the college.

Here are the rankings for the top international universities. For the complete list of schools, visit here.

Most International Universities 

1. Florida Institute of Technology -- 33 percent

2. New School -- 32 percent

3. Illinois Institute of Technology -- 30 percent

4. University of Tulsa -- 27 percent

5. Lynn University -- 23 percent

6. Carnegie Mellon University -- 21 percent

7. Andrews University -- 20 percent

7. University of California, San Diego -- 20 percent

8. Boston University -- 19 percent

8. Northeastern University -- 19 percent

8. University of San Francisco -- 19 percent