“Little Women: LA” star Briana Renee Manson’s controversial relationship with her fiancé, Matt Ericson, has been one of the main story lines of Season 3, and in a teaser clip for Wednesday night’s episode of the Lifetime show, Briana reveals she’s been keeping a secret from her friends, Radar Online reported.

“I feel that it’s safe for me to reveal a big secret that I’ve been keeping inside,” Briana tells the cameras. “When you have something that you want to say, but you can’t say it, but you can’t hide it ... ,” she says in the exclusive clip. Even though it seems like she might be with child, she quickly assures Christy McGinty, who has been struggling to become pregnant, that’s not the case.

The women gather for a BBQ during a vacation in Palm Springs, California, which was supposed to be low-drama, but Briana might have a secret that could set the get-together off. Her friends Terra Jole, Elena Gant, Tonya Banks and Brittney Guzman famously don’t approve of Matt. The only one who supports the relationship is Season 3 newcomer Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, but even she seems like she is in the dark about Briana’s shocking news. The clip ends by Brittney saying, “Holy s---.”

Briana hasn’t hinted about what the secret might be on her social media pages. Her most recent post was a retweet from a fan who supported her relationship with her fiancé. “Thank you #notimeforthat,” she responded.

Matt hasn’t leaked any information either. Less than a week ago he shared an Instagram picture of him and Brianna hanging out with his sons, who are from a previous relationship. “Being silly while enjoying the San Diego Padres! Just another beautiful day with our kiddos @briana.renee Such a great day!” he wrote.

To find out what Briana has been hiding, don’t miss “Little Women: LA” when it airs on Lifetime at 9 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

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