Three new talents made their WWE debut at Survivor Series: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The performers are all a part of the WWE developmental organization, NXT, and aided WWE Champion CM Punk in defending his title by restraining the unstoppable Ryback.

To fans of indie wrestling, Ambrose wrestled the independent circuit as Jon Moxley and Rollins competed in Ring of Honor as Tyler Black. Reigns is a former pro football player in the NFL, but more recently joined WWE’s developmental rosters.

“This is the day that internet wrestling fans … have waited a long, long time for,” claims Bleach Report. Rollins and Ambrose are major stars in NXT, and the two men are also well known for the indie track records.

Rollins is also the current NXT Champion.

This angle could be a great way for WWE to bring in new talent slowly. It is similar to the Nexus angle, though with far less wrestlers being brought up at once.

The big question is why the three men jumped the barricade and interfered in last night’s main event. Do they want to aid CM Punk or do they want to send a message by stopping Ryback.

Both stories work, with Punk being a former indie wrestling for promotions like ROH, and Ryback having wrestled for NXT as Skip Sheffield until he was repackaged earlier this year.

The Straight Edge Savior isn’t likely to be starting a stable, though that would make for excellent TV. Punk has already been the leader of the Straight Edge Society which dominated SmackDown in one of the better angles of recent years, and he lead the Nexus after Wade Barrett was expelled from the group.

Punk did, however, have nothing to do with the interference that stopped Ryback from gaining his Championship at Hell in a Cell last month. Then referee Brad Maddox claims to have worked on his own free will, and it is likely the trio of up and coming stars will have done so as well.

Rollins and Ambrose being added to the roster just expands the group of indie wrestlers that have made to the pro wrestling big leagues. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro all made names for themselves on the indie circuit before they entered WWE, and all three men are current champions.  

The idea of what makes a pro wrestler has shifted since the rise in popularity of CM Punk, who stands at a mere 6'2" and 216 pounds. Whether the NXT wrestlers will find themselves as permanent WWE Superstars is yet to be seen, but the trio will likely be addressed on tonight’s episode of “RAW.”