Apple will hold an event on Wednesday that is likely to be the unveiling of its much-anticipated iPad 2, technology websites have reported. Though the new device will be unveiled this week, Apple will likely face supply constraints owing to production difficulties, according to AppleInsider.


There have been calls for both hardware and software changes in the iconic Apple product from enthusiasts and technology reviewers. These include improving the device's productivity features, as well as enhancements in file exchange, presentation and communication.

The swelling ranks of iPad fans have also been demanding more RAM, a front-facing camera, another speaker, a built-in SD-card slot and more storage space.

The following is a selection of features iPad fans would love to see in the new version:

More mobility

If Apple wants to forestall competition, the new version of the iPad should weigh less and be easier to lug around. If its weight approximates some of the lightweight notebooks, as the present version does, then it could dampen consumer interest. While toting around an iPad is not exactly like lugging around a dumbbell, the iPad’s 1.5-pound weight is inching pretty close to a 2.3 lb. MacBook Air—that’s a gap that should be widened, Macworld wrote. There have been several reports suggesting the new device will be a bit slimmer than the current one.

More features

On top of the wish list for new iPad features is the demand for dual cameras. If Apple is serious about taking competition head on, then it should introduce dual cameras on the new version of the iPad. The recently launched Motorola Xoom sports two cameras. One of the key drawbacks with the iPad is that it lacks dual cameras. So users can’t snap pictures or engage in video chatting with others, according to

More than just giving a feature that the competitor offers, dual cameras will have other uses, points out Macworld: Apple has slowly spread its FaceTime video-chat feature throughout its product line, starting with the iPhone 4 last summer and moving to the iPod touch and the Mac last fall. The iPad would seem to be the next logical progression. Other expected features include an SD-card slot, more storage capacity, better screen display and a three-axis gyroscope.