A Michigan man was captured in a now-viral Vine video launching his pickup truck off a highway and falling to what many assumed would be a his final fate.

But the status of the driver seen in the unbelievable video may be even harder to fathom, as he is reportedly alive despite having been behind the wheel during the spectacular crash.

For starters, the 59-year-old Kentwood, Mich., man was conscious at the scene of the Friday accident, where he was able to speak with responding police, Ingham County Sheriff’s Sgt. Matthew Flint told the Lansing State Journal.

Flint said the man sustained serious injuries and was taken to Sparrow Hospital an hour away in Lansing, but it is stunning that he survived the high-speed crash, in which his pickup truck -- which was towing a tractor lawnmower at the time -- was launched at a high rate of speed over a guardrail on I-96 and onto a grassy area below, where it sat in a crumpled mess as both lanes of the highway were shut down. The highway has reportedly been reopened.

There is some speculation about what caused the crash, with one commenter on the Lansing State Journal website suggesting cardiac arrest could have caused the man to lose control of his vehicle.

"According to scanner chatter, possible heart attack before going off road," Loretta Stanaway wrote.

And a supposed witness commented on the newspaper's website with further details.

"I watched this accident happen. It was surreal. I was one of three first on-scene. Prayers please," Jeff Southcott wrote. "It was an amazing thing to witness. He did not launch once, but twice. I spoke to a driver who was next to this man, and she said as he veered off the road, he appeared to be clutching his chest. He was breathing laboriously, and trying to move. Hollywood would be hard-pressed to re-create this scene. It was surreal."

Live video of the accident captured by Fenton, Mich., resident Alex Stack and posted to Vine went viral.

Check out the mind-blowing video below:

Stack, understandably rattled by the intensity of the crash, posted the clip to Vine with the following caption: “Did I just f***ing witness this no f***ing way,” she said.

And she seems to be getting a lot of attention for the post, as she said in a post on Twitter.

"The amount of emails I've gotten off this video in the past 20 min is pushing 50...," she tweeted.