On Friday March 16, high school student Sierra LaMar left for school and was never seen again. Police dogs picked up her scent as far as the driveway of her home. A few days later her cell phone was discovered by the side of the road. It was confirmed that she never made it to the bus stop which she walked to each morning. Since it's highly unlikely that she ran away, it's probable that foul play was involved. Perhaps the most feasible occurrence was that LaMar was abducted outside of her home and her phone was tossed out of a moving vehicle. 

The California teen's phone records and laptop are being analyzed for clues.  As is common in missing person's cases, police are also interviewing any registered sex offenders in the Morgan hill area where LaMar lived.

Sierra LaMar is 5-feet, 2 inches tall, with brown hair. She was last seen Friday at 7:15am. She was carrying a Juicy brand pink and black purse.