After a month-long trial Casey Anthony was acquitted for killing her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony -- a verdict that surprised and shook the entire nation.

Anthony will appear on Court Thursday to hear the sentence for four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement officials. Anthony could face a maximum of one year in county jail for each count she was found guilty of.

However, it is possible that she may be let free on July 7 as she had already spent almost three years in county jail awaiting trial.

So, the ultimate question that comes forth is what is next for Casey Anthony?

The first challenge Anthony will face is the survival. Where will she live? Can she find a job?

Meanwhile, there were reports that state of Florida will seek reimbursement for special costs due to the investigation and trial.

Above all, can she walk alone in the streets of Orlando safely as the entire nation is blasting over the verdict and various reports saying that she and her family have even received death threats.

It's not clear whether Anthony would return to the house which she once shared with her daughter and parents. During the trial, Anthony's lawyer accused her father of sexually abusing her.

Future Millionaire

On the contrary, analysts say Anthony could be the future millionaire as she could profit from the extraordinary publicity of the case.

Anthony is expected to be approached by TV channels, magazines for interviews and she may earn big bucks as such offers will pay her millions.

 I would not be surprised, given the notoriety and infamy of the case, if Casey gets $1 million to give a full interview, California defense attorney and legal analyst David Wohl told Fox News.

Even the Florida law may not be able to stop Anthony from profiting from her crime. Typically, Florida law prohibits a person convicted of a crime from profiting from that crime. But in the Anthony case, law couldn't prohibit her as she wasn't convicted of murder.

Moreover, nothing stops her from writing a book or signing a movie deal that may earn her more money.

There is a solid chance that Casey Anthony's memoir could be a best-seller as people may buy it to know what exactly happened to Caylee. If any company wants to make a movie out of it, then Anthony could really strike gold.

On the other hand, public may boycott interviews, books, or movies of Casey Anthony due to the emotional response people have expressed to the verdict.

Celebrity news website reported that an adult entertainment company offered Anthony a deal to star in porn movies, but later withdrew the offer citing the strong public outcry.

Meanwhile, the boycott has already begun on the social media as author Ronnie Spangler @Mar4L tweeted Wednesday: Start it NOW. Boycott all books and movies about Casey Anthony. No one should profit from the death of Caylee Anthony.

On Wednesday he further said: Tomorrow Casey Anthony will probably walk free, now is the time to commit to the boycott of Casey Anthony books, movies.....

On Facebook, a page titled Boycott Casey Anthony Books/Movie Deals etc!!! KEEP HER in the Poorhouse has more 16,548 Likes as of Thursday morning.

Another Facebook page titled Boycott Casey Anthony has more than 9,135 Likes as of Thursday morning.

Whatever may be case, the mystery over the death of Caylee Anthony, the little bubbly girl, still remains.