After a 17-month hiatus, Mad Men will finally return to television screens across America, when Season 5 starts on Sunday, Mar. 25 with a two-hour premiere on AMC.

As promos and videos have been teasing in the last several weeks, everyone will be back -- Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Betty Draper (now Francis), Joan Holloway (now Harris), Pete Campbell and Peggy Olson.

And according to show creator Matthew Weiner, the new season will also introduce new characters.

It's the same way I do the show always, which is that we will [hit] the ground running and you will feel that you missed something and you will go back and say, 'Where did that come from?' It may be something new, but it's the next stage in the story, he recently told the Huffington Post.

Sunday's premiere of Season 5 comes nearly one year after Weiner settled a contract dispute with AMC and Lionsgate.

Artistic people should not be put through that. I don't have the temperament or the stomach for business at the level, especially when it was so personal. But I got over it because I got to go back to work, Weiner said.

On Monday, several members of the Mad Men cast appeared on the Today Show to talk about the new season with Matt Lauer. Jon Hamm, John Slattery, January Jones and company are also scheduled to take part in a Times Talks event in New York on Tuesday, moderated by New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff.

With so little known about Season 5 (Weiner and the cast have remained mum on details), fans can only hope the next five days will go by faster than you can say Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

In the meantime, refresh your Mad Men knowledge by visiting AMC's Educate Yourself page, which includes character bios, the 10 most shocking moments and video recaps of each season.

Season 5 of Mad Men will start with a two-hour premiere on Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on AMC. For the full television schedule on AMC, visit the network's website.

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