After celebrating 100 years of the famed tournament with a successful campaign in the United States, the Copa America will return to business as usual when Brazil plays host in 2019.

Conmebol president Alejandro Dominguez announced earlier this month that the Copa America will return to its old format of 12 teams, with 10 hailing from Conmebol along with two expected from Concacaf. The set dates have yet to be announced but the tournament is expected to once again take place in June and July.

Dominguez recently praised the U.S. as hosts after record-setting attendance.

"They've been great hosts, just like Chile were last year and like Brazil will be in 2019," Dominguez said. "People are enjoying it, the football is making a great show, and hopefully the level of football grows and it reaches all the people."

Brazil was originally slated to host 2015’s version under the tournament’s alphabetical rotation policy but it switched places with Chile because of commitments to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. 

With over 205 million people, Brazil is the most populated country in South America and with experience hosting major events. The country previously hosted in 1919, 1922, 1949 and 1989, and won the tournament each time. The 2014 World Cup was considered a success with multiple new or renovated stadiums filled to capacity.

Ecuador will host the tournament in 2023, and for the fourth time. Argentina has hosted the tournament nine times, while Uruguay and Chile have each played host seven times.